The 1.5KW Solar Panel System is a great choice for a small home. you can easily provide your own produced electricity from 1.5kw solar system to your home appliances.

1.5kw solar panel system you can provide electricity for the following appliances in your home.

  • 1 LCD Tv
  • 4 Fans
  • 8 LED Bulbs/Lights

You Can Install the 1.5 KW Solar Panel System On Your Rooftop, In Your Garden, Or On Any Flat Surface. The System Is Safe And Easy To Use.

The 1.5 KW Solar Panel System Is Affordable. The System Will Save Your Money On Your Electricity Bills, And It Is Easy To Install. You Can Start Saving Money Immediately.


 The following element includes in our packages

  • 1kw or 2.2kw Inverex/Tesla/Solarmax Solar Inverter
  • We provides branded solar Panel 540w/550w/660w Monoperc
  • The brands we sell CANADIAN,JINKO,TRINA,J solar, astronergy.
  • The panel standard includes Tier 1 Solar Panels.
  • High Voltage Dc Flexible Wires
  • The best branded Batteries [ Phoenix Tx 1000 / Osaka Ta 1000 ]
  • Ac And Dc ( Spd ) Surge Protection Devices
  • Connecters, Jointers, Rovol Bolt , Panel Nut
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Storage Option (Battery Or Grid Connection)
  • Solar Racking and Tracking Systems
  • Roof And Ground Mounting
  • Net Metering ( if required )


  • we are also installing the following
  • On Grid Solar System
  • Off Grid Solar System
  • Hybrid Solar System
  • Dual Solar System
  • Jugard Solar System

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