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50kw Solar System Price Calculator


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On account of the 50 kW Solar Panel System, you can generate your own energy, stay off the grid, and get a good deal on your energy bill. Our super-efficient and cross-discipline sheets are perfectly suited to work with any cross-disciplinary and off-network infrastructure. You can be certain that they will last for 25 years because they come with a guarantee. You may display the sheets on your roof or in your lawn.

50KW Solar System Price in Pakistan is Rs.8900000 to Rs.9500000


  • Solutions we provide
  • On Grid Solar System
  • Off Grid Solar System
  • Hybrid Solar System
  • Dual Solar System
  • Jugard Solar System


  • Components
  • Branded Inverters
  • Panel 540w Monoperc
  • Tier 1 Solar Panels.
  • Dc Flexible Wires
  • Batteries Phoenix Tx 1800 / Osaka Ta 1800
  • Ac And Dc ( Spd ) Surge Protection Devices
  • Connecters, Jointers, Rovol Bolt , Panel Nut
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Storage Option (Battery Or Grid Connection)
  • Solar Racking
  • Tracking Systems
  • Roof And Ground Mounting
  • Net Metering ( if required )
  • Wiring And Cabling Etc.



The 50 kW Solar Panel System

let’s create your own energy, stay off the lattice, and get a right deal on your energy bill. Our super and in shape sheets are splendidly meant to work with each cross-segment linked and off-network frameworks. The sheets accompany a 25-year ensure, so you can be positive that they will endure. You can exhibit the sheets on your rooftop or in your grass.50 KW Solar System in Pakistan