Solar panels are a sustainable source of energy that is being used to power homes and businesses across Pakistan. Solar panels are made from photovoltaic material, which can be used to generate electricity. The price of solar panels in Pakistan depends on the size of your home and how much electricity you want to use.

The price also depends on different aspects such as, wattage of solar panel, quality, type of solar panels and material used. There are many types and qualities of solar panels in Pakistan. If you are looking for 540 watt solar panel price in Pakistan, you are at right place. We will provide you with all the types, qualities, brands of 540 watt solar system in Pakistan.  Considering the quality and efficiency, 540 Watt solar panel price in Pakistan can be different. SolarWala provides most efficient and cost effective 540 watt solar panel price which makes it the best solar solution company in Pakistan.

Interesting Stat About 540 Watt Solar Panel

An interesting fact about 540 Watt solar panel is given below:

How Many Hours of Daylight You Need to Generate 540Watts

The amount of power produced by a solar panel is measured in Watts. One Watt is equal to one joule per second. In order to generate 540 watts of power, you would need 540 J/s. To calculate how many hours of daylight you would need to generate enough power, multiply the number of hours of daylight by 540. So if you live somewhere where the sun rises at 8am and sets at 6pm, you would need about 14 hours of sunlight each day to generate 540 watts.

Types of 540 Watt Solar Panel in Pakistan

There are two types of 540 watt solar panels, namely mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline. Mono-crystalline panels use silicon wafers to create PV cells. Poly-crystalline panels have crystallized layers of silicon. Both these panels are different from each other in various aspects. Their technology, material, efficiency and cost all are different from each other.

Monocrystalline solar panel is the best choice for your solar system. It can be bit expensive but provides the best possible results. So, when you are investing in solar you should invest in the best product.

Key Factors of 540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

There are different factors which may affect the price of solar panel in Pakistan. Some important factors which can have a large impact on Price of solar panel are discussed below:

  • Type of Solar Panel
  • Capacity of Solar Panel
  • Quality of Solar Panel

Type of Solar Panel

The major factor which affects the price of solar panel is its type. Solar panel can be Polycrystalline or Monocrystalline. Monocrystalline solar panel are expensive as compared to Polycrystalline solar panel because Monocrystalline solar panels have best quality, best efficiency and long life.

Capacity of Solar Panel

Solar panels which can produce more energy are more expensive as to those which produce less energy. So, the capacity of solar panel is also a factor of Solar panel price in Pakistan.

Quality of Solar Panel

Solar panels are manufactured in different qualities in Pakistan. If the material used in solar panel is of good quality then the price of that solar panel will be high so Quality is another factor which effects the cost of solar panel.

SolarWala’s 540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

SolarWala have different types of 540 watt solar panel in Pakistan. SolarWala imports high quality 540 Watt solar panel. We have solar panel of different brands available. Each brand has different 540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan. We have mentioned some of them below:

LONGI 540W Bifacial Solar Panel

Model: Hi-MO5 LR5-72HBD

Key Features

  • High Output
  • High Efficiency
  • Advance Technology
  • Monocrystalline silicon material
  • Per year capacity of 800MW
  • Low operating temperature

ASTRO 5 Semi Series 540W Solar Panel

Model: CHSM72M-HC

Key Features

  • Unique Design
  • Latest Technology
  • High Efficiency
  • High Bending Strength
  • Positive Output Tolerance
  • Lower BOS cost
  • Better Shading Tolerance
  • PID Resistance

TRINA Vertex 540 Watt Solar Panel

Key Features

  • Latest Mono Perc Technology
  • High Reliability
  • High Output Power
  • Unique Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Low-Temperature Coefficient
  • Lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LOE)

540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan by SolarWala Pvt (Ltd)

540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

SolarWala Pvt (Ltd) is the leading solar energy system provider in Pakistan.  We offer best available products at most affordable price in Pakistan. We provide all the Branded components of solar system which includes Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Net Metering and Wires. As SolarWala deals directly with the best brands of these products, so we can offer lowest possible solar panel price in Pakistan.

As we discussed earlier that solar panel price in Pakistan may vary with different factors, so if you want to install a solar panel system you can keep in mind all the factors to choose the best solar panel system.

SolarWala can provide you with the best solar panel price in Pakistan. We deal in all types and size of Solar Panel in Pakistan. If you are looking for 540 Watt solar panel price in Pakistan we can provide you with the best and most affordable solar panel price in Pakistan.

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