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The above rates are for A Grade panels we do not sell B grade or C grade panels. Please do not waste your money buying cheap third class fake solar panels. If you will save money now you will loose later. Always Check latest solar panels price in Pakistan before ordering solar system from any provider. 

6 KW Solar Panel System is a strong then the perdurable choice for residential and business needs.

Tired of paying high monthly electric bills? Create free solar electricity using our 6 kW hybrid solar System.

6 KW Solar Panel System can help you to reduce your monthly electricity bill to approximately zero. And with Net-metering you can sell the extra green electricity to WAPDA/ KSE. In the system best solar inverter is nitrox 6kw hybrid solar inverter.

On 6KW Solar System in pakistan you can run the following home appliances during the day for free.

  • 2×1.5 Ton Inverter AC/
  • Water Motor
  • 1 Iron
  • 1 TV
  • 1 Fridge / refrigerator
  • 4 Fans
  • 8 LED Bulbs/Lights

Now save money by producing your own free energy using a powerful 3kw solar system.

Our 6 kW on-grid/off-grid/hybrid solar system is good for small houses i.e 3 marla houses, 5 marla Ghar, 7 marla homes, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal home.

Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Bahawalpur, Okara, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Lalamosa, Gujar Khan, Chakwal, Sawat, Muree, Murdan.

Solar Inverters in Pakistan

As Solar Plates generate DC and it must be converted into AC for using our home appliances. This is the role of an inverter. As solar panels are linked together in series and DC electricity reaches to the inverter and the inverter converts it into AC power and fed it into the main switch.

On-Grid/Grid-tie Solar Inverters

Solar On-Grid inverters do not use a battery bank and are connected directly to the electricity grid. This system sells extra produced energy to WAPDA and reduces electricity bills. But if WADPDA’s power goes down then your system will also shut down because this system has no batteries. Contact and get the Best On Grid Solar Inverter rates in Pakistan.

Off-Grid Solar Inverters

This system is commonly used in remote areas because most of the time electricity is shut down. Off-Grid Inverters charge the battery bank and provide energy through batteries when power is down. At night time inverter automatically switches over from solar to Electricity and function like UPS. Get the Quotation for Off-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

Hybrid Solar Inverters are intelligent because when power generated from solar Panels is not sufficient to run the Load and more power is needed so the hybrid system intelligently mixes solar power and WAPDA and maintains batteries for 100% charged for later uses. Get the info for Off-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan from solarwala.

List of Solar Inverters that solarwala provides:

On-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

  • TESLA Solar inverters
  • CHINT Solar Inverters
  • INVEREX Solar inverters
  • Growwatt Solar Inverters

Solar Panels

Solar panels collect clean renewable energy in the form of sunlight and convert that light into electricity which can then be used to provide power for electrical loads.

We only use tier 1 solar panels

Astronergy Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panels

Longi Solar Panels

Trina Solar Panels

Canadian Solar Panels

JA Solar.

List of Solar Panels we Provide:

540 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

550 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

560 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

650 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

660 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

Green Meter/Net Metering

You can sell your extra produced Units to WAPDA or K-ELECTRIC through Net MeteringBy the rules of NEPRA net-metering is allowed for 6kw Solar system in PakistanFor example, if your 10kw solar system is producing 900 units in a month and your usage is 700 units then extra 200 units would be sent to WAPDA by Green Meter and WAPDA resend you these 200 units for free use.

Types of Solar Systems in Pakistan

Other Types of Solar Solutions that we offer.

On-Grid Solar System

On-grid also known as a grid-tie or grid-feed solar system in Pakistan. This system means that your system is tied to WAPDA. Your Solar system Produces energy and WAPDA grid takes it from you and return you back, but one flaw back in this system is that whenever WAPDA grid is shut down your Home’s power also got down. on-grid or grid-tie solar systems are commonly used by Domestic users and for industries also. Batteries are not needed in on grid solar system.

These are connected to the grid and extra solar power generated by your solar system is exported to the electricity grid and you get paid a feed-in-tariff for the energy you export. Solar panels convert solar energy into Direct Current power also known as PV photovoltaic then it’s converted by an inverter into Alternating current power which is used to run your home appliances.

on grid solar system

Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid. Usually, an off-grid system is designed to generate some excess electricity during the day which is transferred to the battery systems for storage. so, it requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems generate the power and have enough battery capacity to run the home appliances.

The off-Grid solar system is more expensive than on-grid solar systems, so it is best for remote areas also.

Off Grid solar system diagram


Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System uses both solar and grid as input, runs home appliances on solar and charge batteries for backup, and also feeds extra electricity to the grid. This system exports the extra produced electricity to the grid and uses the extra produced electricity when load shedding happens but it is the most feasible system in Pakistan. Contact the solarwala technical team and get your best quotation for Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan.


Hybrid solar system

The following are included in our package

  • 6 KW or 2x3Kw Branded Inverx Solar Inverters
  • 540w/550w/660w Monoperc Tier 1 Solar Panels.
  • Dc Flexible Wires
  • Batteries Phoenix Tx 1800 / Osaka Ta 1800 (Optional)
  • Ac And Dc ( Spd ) Surge Protection Devices
  • Connecters, Jointers, Rovol Bolt , Panel Nut
  • Storage Option (Battery Or Grid Connection)
  • Tracking Systems
  • Roof And Ground Mounting
  • Net Metering ( if required )
  • Installation


6kw solar system produces approximately 600 to 750 Units a month.

On 6KW Solar System in Pakistan you can run the following home appliances during the day for free.

  • 2x1.5 Ton Inverter AC/
  • Water Motor
  • 1 Iron
  • 1 TV
  • 1 Fridge / refrigerator
  • 4 Fans
  • 8 LED Bulbs/Lights

 6kw solar system with battery price in Pakistan is about Rs.11,80000 (11 Lakh 80 hazar) Rupees in Pakistan nowadays.