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Astronergy Solar Panels in Pakistan

CHINT comes up with its Astronergy Solar Panel series which are specially
designed and have Half Cut Multi Busbar Technology which makes them highly

efficient. Astro panels have increased power generation ability. Which makes
them the best solar panels across Asia in 2022.
Solar Wala provides Astronergy solar panel series by CHINT its customers in
Pakistan. More details about Astro solar panels are given below:


20 Years

Performance Warranty

ASTRO 5 Semi CHSM72M-HC Series 550W

Astro 5 Semi 550 W is from CHINTS Astro series solar panels. This module has the
latest technology which makes it highly efficient as it produces more power. This
module can generate more power in a small dimension panel. Some key features
of this module are given below:


  • Latest Technology (Half-Cut Multi Busbar Technology)
  • Better Shading Technology
  • PID Resistance
  • Lower BOS cost
  • High Bending Strength
  • Positive Output tolerance
  • High Efficiency
  • Unique Design
550w Solar Panel price in Pakistan


Astronergy (by Chint) makes an addition to the Astro series with Astro 6 solar
panels. This module has 21.57% efficiency and has 210mm gallium doped wafer
size. Astro 6 solar panel has Super Perc Technology. It has a low cost which makes
it the most selling solar product.
Some key feature of this module are listed below:


  • Positive Output Tolerance
  • Lower BOS cost
  • Super Perc Technology
  • Higher bending Strength
  • Lower Risk of Micro cracks
  • Better Shading Tolerance
  • High Efficiency


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