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Hybird Solar System

3kW solar systems price in Pakistan is your one-stop destination for affordable 3kW solar systems in Pakistan. As a leading provider in the solar industry, we understand the growing need for reliable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions. Our 3kW solar systems are designed to meet the power requirements of residential and small commercial properties, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source for your needs. The best hybrid inverter for 3kw solar system is Inverex nitrox 3kw.

3kw solar system price in Pakistan is about Rs.450000 to Rs.600000 as of January 2024 and it can generate 300-400 units save your money now.

10kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

One of the key advantages of our 10kW solar systems is their cost-effectiveness. We understand the importance of providing affordable solutions, and our pricing structure is designed to fit various budget constraints. Our competitive prices, combined with the reliability and performance of our products, make the preferred choice for customers seeking a 10kW solar system in Pakistan.

10Kw Solar System Price in Pakistan in January 2024 is between Rs. 1150000 to 1450000 without batteries and net-metering charges.

10Kw On-Grid Solar System Price in Pakistan in January 2024 is about Rs. 1150000 to 1350000 without net-metering charges. 10KW Solar System can produce almost 1200-1400 units per month.

On Grid Solar Inverters In Pakistan

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

The 5kw solar system price in Pakistan ranges from around Rs.770000 to Rs.900000 rupees as of January 2024, including the solar panels, hybrid inverter, installation charges, and mounting structures. Installing a 5kw solar system can significantly reduce your electricity bill by up to 100%.

5Kw Solar System can produce monthly 500-600 units. You can run 1.5 ton inverter AC, 1 Iron/Water Motor, 4-6 Fans, 12 LED Lights, 1 TV and Laptop.

Best inverter for 5kw Solar System is Knox Krypton 5600 / Knox 4kw Inverter  with dual ouput port work with and without battery.

6kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

Nowadays, a 6kW solar system price in Pakistan is around Rs.650000 to Rs.1000000 rupees January 2024. Including solar panels, hybrid inverter, structure, cables, boards, transport expenses, pipes, and installation charges.

We offer best solar inverter with 6kw hybird solar system. Knox Krypton 8000, Knox 6kw Inverter with dual output port work with and without battery.

We Deal with all known brands Knox, Inverex, ziewnic etc… Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan, Best offer best solar inverters at affordable rates.

Our Solar System Solutions

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Project Planing

We plan what system will be best for your needs and what sort of structure will be best.

Hardware Arrangements

Our team arrange all hardware including solar panels, inverter, batteries and other items.

Execute Project

Our expert team then install the system at your site.


In last we do critical testing and make it work for you.

Are you ready to start mining electricity?

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