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Hybrid Solar System

Solarwala not just installs hybrid solar system for its customers but also provides full guarantee about the cost and quality of each component of hybrid solar system.

Which makes us the best solar panel system installer in Pakistan. All the components we provide, Solar panels, solar inverters, Batteries and Net meters are of well-reputed brands.

Hybrid solar system price in Pakistan varies according to the size of system. You can contact us to know every detail about prices of solar panels.

Hybrid Solar System Components

The hybrid solar system consists of the following components:

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverter
  • DC, AC Wires, Connecters etc...
  • DC, AC Connection Boxes
  • Tubular/Lithium Batteries
  • Surge Protection device, breakers etc...

How does Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan Work?

A hybrid solar system is a type of solar power system that uses both photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar thermal collectors to generate electricity and heat, respectively. Hybrid systems are used in residential and commercial settings.

In 2022, people are using hybrid solar systems for their houses as well as in their businesses. Many solar companies are providing solar services in Pakistan but not everyone is going to guarantee about their product.

The hybrid solar system works by using these processes:

Electricity Production

As we were producing electricity in On-Grid solar systems and Off-Grid solar systems by radiations coming from the sun to the solar panels, the same process goes here as well. The electricity produced by the panel is transferred to the inverter via wires.

Electricity Conversion

The electricity coming from the solar panels in form of alternating current (AC) is converted into Direct current (DC) by an inverter. We get DC current from the inverter and use it in our home.

Electricity Storage

We can store the electricity coming from panels in battery storage. At night or in cloudy weather when sunlight is not available, we can use the electricity we have stored in batteries.

Net Metering System

When the sun is at its peak and panels are producing electricity at a fast rate. It'll charges our batteries much faster and when batteries are fully charged, the amount of electricity exceeded is transferred to the main grid. We can keep the record of electricity we have sent to the grid by using a Net metering system.

Lets discuss your load requirements to provide you efficient and cost effective solution.

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