Longi Solar Panels in Pakistan

Longi is a China based solar panel company. Established in 2000 Longi has a good reputation in manufacturing good quality products and also maintaining them with latest technology trends. Longi is always focusing on products improvement.

Longi solar panels are highly efficient and widely used. Their products are available in almost every country of the world which makes Longi one of the best brand. They provide 25 year warranty on solar panels. Longi has dealers in Pakistan. Solarwala is also a Longi solar panel dealer in Pakistan.


20 Years

Performance Warranty

LONGI 545W Mono Perc Solar Panel

This series is a combination of High efficiency, Low LID Mono PERC cells with half-cut Multi Busbar technology to improve performance and boost production. This series has a maximum system voltage of 1500V and is Class C fire rated.35mm frames reduce weight while providing the strength and resilience needed to rate 5400pa for front-side static loading and 2400pa for rear-side static loading.



  • Power up to 545W
  • 3.5% lower LCOE
  • 5.7% lower system cost
  • Cost-effective product
  • Mainstream trackers compatibility
  • Hot spot temperature is lower by 40%
  • Lower degradation up to 50%
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Micro crack impacts are minimum
  • The failure rate is very less
  • Heavy snowfall load up to 5400pa
  • Wind load up to 2400pa

LONGI Hi-MO5 LR5-72HBD 540W Bifacial Solar Panel

This module Hi-MO5 is a bifacial solar panel with a max power of 540Watt. It has an anodized aluminum alloy frame with Dual glass 2.0. The module gives 21.1% efficiency. Its weight is 32.3kg with dimensions 2256x1133x35mm.


  • Advance module technology
  • Super module efficiency
  • Cell Orientation 144It is based on an M10-182mm wafer
  • Monocrystalline silicon material
  • High output
  • 800mwatt per year production capacity
  • Lower operating temperature