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Advantages of Hybrid Solar system

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Hybrid Solar System is best solar system for Pakistani residential and commercial customers. You can use free energy during day time and sell the extra energy to WAPDA using net-metering.

The hybrid solar system has many advantages, some of which are listed below:

Continuous Power Supply

The biggest advantage of a hybrid solar system is that you will get continuous electricity. There will be no interruption in it. So you can enjoy full-time electricity.

Reduce Cost

When you are using a hybrid solar system it reduces your cost significantly. A 5KW system produces almost 500-700 units of electricity, if your usage is around 500 units per month then you don’t have to pay any bills. It also can benefit you as you can get some credit for the electricity your system has sent to the main grid.

Environment Friendly

It is environment friendly as well because it uses sustainable power sources which are good for the environment.

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